Welcome to Terramar Productions

Terramar Productions is a full-service video and digital production company managing the acquisition and post-production processes from concept to completion. Since 2001, our clientele have included advertising agencies, independent producers, Hollywood, government agencies, broadcasters, commercial and scientific industries, zoos and aquaria, and more. We have evolved through standard-definition video to hi-definition video and now into tape-less video acquisition and production.  

Our philosophy:

  • A strong work ethic!
  • To provide an affordable, high-quality media product on time and on budget.
  • To work with our clients to provide an effective product that meets or exceeds their needs.

Our goal is to help you reach your goal!

In addition to media production services, Terramar Productions also offers an extensive collection of hi-definition and standard-definition natural history, science and industrial video footage from around the world. This collection is available in our online library for preview and purchase.  More than 5,000 video clips are fully searchable and available for 24/7 viewing.  

The natural world is an amazing ecosystem, filled with creatures that we have only begun to study and understand. Over the last decade, Terramar Productions has dedicated significant time, energy and resources to documenting earth’s creatures and scenery. Naturalist and cinematographer John Anderson has carried photographic and video equipment into the deep, across oceans, to mountain peaks and into the air to capture the most accurate and beautiful images possible. John has documented unique aspects of a world many of us will never see in person!

Terramar Productions is based in New England but our subject matter is global. Our projects capture the life and beauty of nature in a way that will inform, engage, and enlighten.

John AndersonWelcome to Terramar Communications: the commercial media division of Terramar Productions.

Our Services

Video Production
Terramar Communiations offers product from concept to completion. Services include: On-location filming, Interviews, Corporate Promotional Videos, Progress or 
Project Evaluation videos, Training and 
How-To videos, Television Commercials, Event Coverage, Shareholders’ Videos, Executive Summaries, Web Video, Podcast video, and more.

Still Photography
Terramar Communications provides high-resolution digital images on CD with a hard copy contact sheet. Examples from our portfolio include: marketing images, portraits and executive headshots, real estate dossiers, hotels, restaurants, special events, insurance documentation (e.g., jewelry), historical imagery, and more.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help you reach your goal. Whether it's a TV commercial that helps your phone ring or a Video Brochure that introduces your company to potential customers, our goal is to create effective, high-quality media productions at reasonable rates.

Our philosophy features a strong work ethic that provides an affordable, high-quality product in a timely manner. We work with our clients to create a product that meets your vision.

John Anderson

Our Expertise and experience covers the globe: land, sea and air.  John Anderson is the driving force of Terramar Productions and one of the creative minds behind our media projects.  A veteran of the documentary production business, Anderson has spent time filming both above and under the water around the world in IMAX, shooting video and still photographs from helicopters, and has also worked on numerous Hollywood feature films.

Our Work Flow

Pre-Production: Our creative team can work with you to identify your advertising goals, target audience, and the optimal method(s) for reaching your audience.

Design Development: We create a concept that conveys your message in the most effective way. Our creative team works with your vision, or develops a concept from scratch, to create an effective storyboard and production.

John AndersonThe Script: The script and storyboard provide direction throughout the production process, which makes shooting and editing more efficient.

Graphics: Logos and slogans can create an identity and should be consistent with your overall business brand, collateral materials and other advertising efforts. Terramar works with leading marketing agencies to offer complete graphic design and print-media development to compliment our video production services.

Shoots: Terramar will videotape on location or in-studio using high-quality digital formats. Shooting includes digital video equipment, lighting instruments, microphones, video monitors, Talent (if needed), and various camera mounts. Shoots may also include props, stunts and special effects, depending on the script and budget.

Postproduction: Editing takes place in one of our in-house Final Cut Pro editing suites. Your video production is created by layering video, graphics, voice-over, music and special effects in a timeline to create seamless, professional results.

Delivery: Terramar will provide a master copy of your production ready for broadcast. We can also assist with compression for web or DVD authoring and delivery, depending on project requirements and budget.

The Team

John Anderson

John Anderson is the driving force behind Terramar Productions, LLC and one of the creative minds behind our media projects. John is also President & CEO of Terramar Communications, the parent organizarion of Terramar Productions. As a veteran of the documentary production business, Anderson has spent 20 years filming from both above and under the water around the world in IMAX, shooting video and still photographs from helicopters, and has also worked on numerous Hollywood feature films. Anderson now produces video, training and web media for industry , government and military clients.

Peter Hyde MSM

Pete Hyde has been a professional communicator for most of his adult life. For the past eight years, Hyde served as Communications Manager and Spokesperson for Dominion’s Millstone Power Station, the largest nuclear power station in New England. After training as a broadcast journalist, Hyde went on to serve on the staff of the Commander, Submarine Group TWO. He is an award-winning newspaper editor and has produced numerous training and educational videos on nuclear power and the environment.

Justin Gregg, Ph.D.

Justin Gregg supplies narration for clients around the globe. Currently, Justin is the host for the science podcast The Dolphin Pod; which he writes and produces together with the Dolphin Communication Project. In addition to voice over work, Justin is involved in web design, PowerPoint and graphic design & implementation, and has authored material for popular science books, scientific articles and industry training manuals. Justin also designs programs for online and computer based training material.

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