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Thank you for your interest in the photography and videography of John Anderson. Terramar productions is a small company dedicated to photographing the uniqueness of the marine environment. However, business practice dictates that we do not donate these images for any purpose, no matter how worthy the cause. We feel that since the printers, shippers, and everyone else involved in the charitable work, including the employees of these charitable organization, are usually being paid, there is no reason for photographers to be continually asked to give their work away. We do however, like to give whatever breaks we can to conservation organizations & campaigns. We are willing to offer a reduced rate from our normal licensing fees for use of these images in your campaign. Feel free to contact us and if at all possible we will work with you to extend to you a rate that you can afford.Thank you for understanding.You can donate directy to Terramar using PayPal by clicking on the below button.

For more information in donations, or to request a license for photographs, please email John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.