Welcome to Terramar Productions

Terramar Productions is a full-service video and digital production company managing the acquisition and post-production processes from concept to completion. Since 2001, our clientele have included advertising agencies, independent producers, Hollywood, government agencies, broadcasters, commercial and scientific industries, zoos and aquaria, and more. We have evolved through standard-definition video to hi-definition video and now into tape-less video acquisition and production.  

Our philosophy:

  • A strong work ethic!
  • To provide an affordable, high-quality media product on time and on budget.
  • To work with our clients to provide an effective product that meets or exceeds their needs.

Our goal is to help you reach your goal!

In addition to media production services, Terramar Productions also offers an extensive collection of hi-definition and standard-definition natural history, science and industrial video footage from around the world. This collection is available in our online library for preview and purchase.  More than 5,000 video clips are fully searchable and available for 24/7 viewing.  

The natural world is an amazing ecosystem, filled with creatures that we have only begun to study and understand. Over the last decade, Terramar Productions has dedicated significant time, energy and resources to documenting earth’s creatures and scenery. Naturalist and cinematographer John Anderson has carried photographic and video equipment into the deep, across oceans, to mountain peaks and into the air to capture the most accurate and beautiful images possible. John has documented unique aspects of a world many of us will never see in person!

Terramar Productions is based in New England but our subject matter is global. Our projects capture the life and beauty of nature in a way that will inform, engage, and enlighten.

Naturalist and cinematographer, John Anderson began photographing ocean wildlife in his teens. Since the seventies his fascination for capturing imagery depicting creatures and events of the natural world has grown exponentially. He has spent thousands of hours, above and under the ocean, around the world shooting in multiple formats of motion picture film, video and still photographs.  Four decades behind the lens has produced an extensive media library of video clips and still photographs encompassing hundreds of subjects. 

In 2001, he launched Terramar Productions LLC, to focus his talents on creating terrestrial and marine-related environmental films, DVDs and fine art photography.  With a healthy knowledge and respect for environmental issues, he spends significant time each year focusing his talents on the creation and delivery of media to educational and scientific organizations that foster marine and terrestrial, environmental stewards.  Affiliations include the Dolphin Communication Project and the scientific periodical Aquatic Mammals Journal. Anderson is currently shooting an ongoing series of international interviews in High Definition, with senior marine mammal scientists and trainers.  To date, forty interviews have been shot and produced into DVD¹s.

Through a sister organization, Terramar Communications, Anderson continues to produce industrial media for government, military and business clients.

Anderson also has numerous Hollywood feature films to his crew credit.