The Dolphin Communication Project

Terramar Productions has worked in close association with the Dolphin Communication Project for over a decade. The Dolphin Communication Project is a private, non-profit research foundation organized to further the following goals:

To promote awareness of marine mammal conservation.
To increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species.

The Dolphin Communication Project works toward advancing these goals by:

Organizing/conducting underwater research expeditions/studies in dolphin communication.
Encouraging cetacean intern experiences.
Fostering collaborative endeavors with scientific and educational programs.

DCP offers ecotours, sponsorship opportunities, adopt and name a dolphin programs, as well as many other ways to support the organizations, including: cards, t-shirts, and videos - many of which feature the photography of Terramar Productions.

In addition, Terramar has provided downloadable videos as part of the DCP podcast: The Dolphin Pod - a weekly science podcast covering topics related to dolphin science.