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Welcome to Terramar Productions llc, a leader in natural history, training, and commercial cinema production. We are a full-service, digital media production company with capabilities ranging from initial conceptualization of a project through to final client delivery. We currently feature tape-less HD and 4K workflows but our roots evolved through hi- and standard-definition videotape workflows, as well as film for small and giant screen theaters.

In addition to media production services, Terramar also offers an extensive media library of 4K, HD, and SD natural history, science, and industrial video footage from around the world. This moving image collection is available in our online library for preview/licensing with more than 11,000 video clips available for 24/7 viewing.


Copyright Notice:

All photographs and video clips appearing on this site are copyrighted property of John Anderson and Terramar Productions. Use of these images is restricted to private viewing or comparison purposes only. All other uses of this material must be by concent of owner and with a written agreement by John Anderson and Terramar Productions stating usage and appropriate fee. Copyright infringement will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law in a U.S.Federal Court.

Information About Photo Donations:

Thank you for your interest in the still and moving images of John Anderson. Terramar productions is a small company dedicated to photographing the uniqueness of marine and terrestrial environments. Business practice dictates that we do not donate these images for any purpose, no matter how worthy the cause. We feel that since the printers, shippers, and everyone else involved in the charitable work, including the employees of these charitable organization, are usually being paid, there is no reason for content providers to be continually asked to give their work away. We do however, like to give whatever breaks we can to conservation organizations & campaigns. We are willing to offer a reduced rate from our normal licensing fees for use of these images in your campaign. Feel free to contact us and if at all possible we will work with you to extend to you a rate that you can afford.


Thank you for understanding!


John Anderson, a veteran documentary filmmaker and Director of Terramar Productions, has spent nearly 40 years in the coastal and offshore marine environment, with 25 years dedicated to conducting marine-related film and video productions. As a naturalist, cinematographer and outdoorsman, Anderson has spent a considerable portion of his career collaborating with scientists on film projects, documenting scientific studies and capturing moving images of shy and often reclusive marine animals. His considerable experience and ability working within marine environments led to his accumulation of movie credits that include the large-format films Dolphins, Amazing Caves, Coral Reef, and Wild California, Hollywood feature-films including Master and Commander, Flipper, and Free Willy, and television documentaries such as National Geographic’s In Search of the I-52, In Search of Giant Bluefin and the Apollo Rocket recovery Project.

A few of his favorite team accomplishments are sailing around Cape Horn during the production of Master and Commander, living and working ship-board in the indo-Pacific during the production of Coral Reef Adventure and documenting the recovery of some of the Apollo Rocket engines on a deep water expedition in the Atlantic.

Terramar Productions, llc is a federally-listed small business that offers full-service digital media production, specializing in acquisition and delivery of natural history related and commercial films, documentaries and multimedia programs. In addition to media production services, Terramar also offers an extensive library of Ultra HD, HD and standard-definition natural history, science and industrial video footage from around the world. This collection is available in our online library for preview/purchase with more than 11,000 video clips available for 24/7 viewing. Terramar Productions is dedicated to making sure that we meet, or exceed, our clients’ expectations and requirements.

John is also available for assignment work.


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